Environmental & Land Use

Environmental and land use issues arise in most major property acquisitions and developments.

Our firm’s environmental and land use practice group provides independent advice to clients and to our corporate and real property practice groups on issues impacting private property rights to use and develop real property.

Unique Solutions. Our environmental and land use attorneys seek to solve problems by understanding the business-related goals of our clients. In the highly regulated environmental and land use arenas, early, proactive intervention can often solve problems that otherwise would be litigated for years. Getting to know our clients’ needs early in the project allows us to develop partnerships with local, state, and federal agencies to ensure long-term success of our client s’ projects.

Unfortunately, not all issues can be resolved amicably. When regulators seek enforcement actions or prevent a project from moving forward, our attorneys have the experience to zealously advocate our client’s position before governmental bodies, administrative hearings, or courts of law.

Our environmental and land use practice group handles a broad array of issues, including: advising financial institutions and other clients on potential liability arising from loan and foreclosure activities; assisting consultants evaluating clients’ proposed property purchase through Phase I and II environmental assessments; advising clients who are required to remediate contaminated sites; defending clients subject to state and federal environmental enforcement actions; and litigating environmental and land use issues before local government boards, administrative hearings, and in court.

Environmental Attorney, Will Dunaway, Emphasizes Need for Immediate Action by Regulatory Agencies

Environmental law is a collaborative exercise with many different stakeholders. Sometimes it is necessary to focus public attention on big environmental problems in order to get the attention of all of those stakeholders.  This is certainly the situation with Indian Bayou in Santa Rosa County. While the violations of the clean water act are coming from different road construction and maintenance projects overseen by the Florida Department of Transportation and Santa Rosa County, the regulators, Florida Department of Environmental Protection and Northwest Florida Water Management District, have not taken enforcement action. The voices of the neighbors who have been working for over a year to get some action, simply needed a boost.

A letter from Clark Partington Shareholder and Environmental Lawyer, Will Dunaway, along with a series of articles and an editorial from the Pensacola News Journal helped provide that boost.

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