Denise Justice standing on the Clark Partington stairway

Denise Justice, Accounting Specialist

Denise Justice is an Accounting Specialist at Clark Partington. She is a 22-year employee with Clark Partington, but her role was not initially in the Accounting Department. Denise’s role has evolved since joining the firm in March 17, 1997. Hired initially as a Mail Runner, she began her career ensuring that correspondence and important legal documents made it to their destination, all while running filings to courthouses and delivering trial materials.

Proving she was capable of handling more, Denise later transitioning to Billing Clerk, and finally, her current role as Accounting Specialist. Clients rely on Denise to accurately record billing and payments, and our Shareholders depend on Denise to manage Accounts Receivable, address client questions and address billing on a timely basis.

Reflecting on the past 22 years, Denise recalls many great memories and treasures the lifelong friendships she has developed with attorneys and staff. These friendships make it easy and enjoyable to come to work every day. One of Denise’s favorite memories is not about her, but rather, about bringing her son with her to work one day. Denise’s son observed the attorneys and noticed their professional attire: ties. He too wanted to wear his own ties to look as professional as they did.

Denise also appreciates the impact of Mr. Jim Stolhanske on her career, noting that Jim believed in her and gave her the opportunity to further her career with Clark Partington.

Outside of work, Denise enjoys spending time with her family, going to the beach, exercising, riding her bike, and staying active outdoors.

Denise’s can-do, will-do spirit embodies that of the Clark Partington culture. Each Clark Partington employee has the capability to create their own path at Clark Partington. We’re determined to stand out from other law firms; not just by delivering excellent legal services, but also by recognizing the need to pivot when needed to create a sustainable and enjoyable employee experience.

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