August 24, 2020

Summer Clerk: Joseph Ndione

Meet Joseph Ndione, Clark Partington Summer Clerk

PENSACOLA, FL (August 24, 2020)

Name: Joseph Ndione

Where are you from? Pensacola, Florida

Undergraduate education: Rising undergraduate junior at NYU

Focus area: Environmental Studies

What excites you about environmental studies? Environmental Studies is extremely interdisciplinary combining the arts, the sciences, and social studies. I do enjoy multiple fields of study and environmental studies allows me to study multiple things while learning about pressing environmental issues at the same time.

Why did you decide to pursue clerkship with Clark Partington? The pandemic was somewhat a blessing in disguise as it brought me back home from NYC. With that, I decided to evolve and further my interests by pursuing an internship that involved environmental law.

Describe a typical day on the job: I do a lot of research and reading pertaining to Environmental & Land Use Law. Also I attend certain events such as CivicCon, Trials, and Hearings.

What is the most rewarding thing about your job so far? Being exposed to something that I have wanted to do since I was 17 has been extremely rewarding. Most people who want to become lawyers do not get an opportunity like this at the undergraduate level so just having gotten this opportunity has been rewarding to me.

What do you enjoy doing in your free time? Reading, drawing, swimming and painting.


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