January 15, 2018

Using Worldox to save Hyperlinks in Word Documents

Check out this article from Affinity Consulting, giving tips on how to save hyperlinks in Word documents when using Worldox.

Often, we want to create a Word or PDF document that lists and serves as a hyperlink to all the relevant documents that are saved in Worldox.  Examples of this include pleading indexes, a correspondence index, or a closing binder.  In other words, the documents are saved in Worldox but we want to launch them from a Word or PDF document summary or list.   Example: 

To create these hyperlinks:

1.Select the word (or phrase) within the MS Word document.

2. In MS Word, select Insert > Link from the Insert ribbon.

3. Confirm or change the text to display.

4. From within Worldox, navigate to the desired document and right-click > select Copy Location to Clipboard.

5. In MS Word, click into the Address field and paste the path into the Address field.

6. Click OK to finish.

Now internal users can click on the hyperlink in the Word document and it will launch and open the document saved in Worldox.  As always, contact Jen Reeves with any questions.