January 15, 2018

Jeremy Branning, Candidate for Florida Board of Governors First Circuit Seat

Clark Partington Attorneys at Law is proud to support litigator, Jeremy Branning, in his campaign for the Florida Board of Governors’ First Circuit seat. With 17 years of trial experience, Jeremy has handled cases throughout Florida and Alabama. He is well-informed of the challenges and needs facing the lawyers in the First Circuit.  The members of Florida’s First Circuit are uniquely positioned in Florida’s westernmost region to influence statewide Bar policies.  For that reason, it is critical that the First Circuit maintain the strong representation on the Board of Governors that we currently have and fortunately have had for many years.

Jeremy currently holds, or has previously held the following leadership roles:

  • Executive Council, Trial Lawyers Section of the Florida Bar (currently serving)
  • Past President, Escambia Santa Rosa Bar Association
  • Executive Council, Escambia Santa Rosa Bar Association
  • Membership Chair, Pensacola Chapter of American Inns of Court (currently serving)
  • Executive Council, Rehabilitation Foundation of Northwest Florida (currently serving)
  • Former Member, First Circuit Grievance Committee
  • Department Chair and Executive Council, Clark Partington

If elected, the First Circuit should expect Jeremy to be an avid advocate on behalf of his peers and to serve with an open line of communication for matters facing the legal professional in the First Circuit and throughout the State.