November 25, 2017

Lee Strayhan Obtains Judgment in Toxic Tort Case

On behalf of an international chemical company, Lee Strayhan recently secured a judgment dismissing a 2 million dollar claim in federal court following over a year of heated discovery, including depositions of witnesses across the United States in New York, Georgia, Florida, Texas and Oregon.  Facing seasoned toxic tort lawyers from three law firms which represented the Plaintiff, Lee Strayhan solely handled and defeated their multiple attempts to mix complex issues of toxic tort and contract law.  Upon completion of the discovery period ordered by the court and after extensive briefing by both sides, the defense won the day by addressing in detail each and every one of the multiple layers of factual and legal issues presented to the court.  Victory is in the fine details.  The cost of defense was de minimus in comparison to the avoidance of the costs of a protracted trial and the dismissal of the 2 million dollar claim of Plaintiff.  The result included an agreement by Plaintiff not to appeal, in exchange for Defendant agreeing not to seek taxable costs against the Plaintiff.


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