August 4, 2016

Jeremy Branning and Daniel Harrell secure victory in “bet-the-company” litigation

On June 30, 2016, attorneys Jeremy Branning and Daniel Harrell obtained a defense jury verdict on behalf of a large multi-specialty medical services provider in a lawsuit brought by a former shareholder/neurosurgeon, alleging that: (1) our client breached a shareholder employment agreement by failing to pay an “equity redemption” claimed by the neurosurgeon, and (2) our client wrongfully interfered with the neurosurgeon’s new business relationship with a competitor.  After a four-day jury trial, the neurosurgeon requested that the jury award him $2.3 million for the alleged breach of contract and $4.4 million for the alleged interference.  Instead, the jury returned a complete defense verdict in favor of our client.  On August 1, 2016, the Court denied the neurosurgeon’s Motion for a New Trial.