Intellectual Property

Intellectual Property

Protecting Your Brand

When you start any kind of business, you likely have a vision and goals to sustain growth.    As important as it is to use a strategic business model, it is equally as critical to develop a brand. A brand can convey many things: quality, consistency, reliability, aspirations, identification with a lifestyle, or values. A well-developed brand will tell a compelling story about your company in an instant.  Many business owners know how important branding is to their business. They go to great lengths to develop a great name, taglines, signage, packaging, and design of websites and storefronts to build a brand. Yet all of that investment is often for naught if designers, developers, and the other architects of a brand fail to work hand-in-hand with experienced intellectual property attorneys.  Investing in legal advice during brand development can be inexpensive  compared to retaining an attorney to clean up the legal mess caused by legally sloppy branding.

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